Vision Campaign

From the very first moment that we started dreaming about planting a healthy life-giving church we also knew that God had called us to be a community that sends. We want to be a church that sends missionaries, pastors, teachers, and disciples into the harvest. Jesus ministry as described in Luke 4 is what we are preparing to pursue from this day forward. 


The 4 initiatives of Luke 4.

We believe that as we pursue these 4 initiatives that are in alignment with Jesus ministry we will position our church to reach more families in our community and send more disciple makers into the harvest than ever before!

Goals and Vision Statements

Our First Goal: is to prayerful inspire 100 Families to raise 100K by December 3rd 2023 which would enable our facilities to accommodate 100 New Families by 2025!
Our Second Goal: is to add additional worship experiences to cast more nets in order to reach more people in our community than ever before!
Our Third Goal: is to disciple these new families which would help our church raise an additional 100K in giving to build a Hope Center!
Our Fourth Goal: the Hope Center would immediately grow our church through the impact of helping families that are facing the struggle of addiction.
Our Fifth Goal: the impact of the Hope Center would expand our church community to be in a place to then reproduce another location.
Our Vision Statements: while the beginning of this initiative focuses on facilities this vision campaign is not about facilities this is about families. It's a SEED to SEND more families into the harvest to make disciples. You Can't out give God!
  • New Signage on Both buildings and Road
  • Resurface Parking lot
  • New Lobby Area to allow multiple services
  • Added Space: Nursing Mothers Room, Livestream and Sound Room.
  • New Church Chairs
  • New Roof for Kids Building
  • Playground Repair
  • Awning over the entrance to church
  • New Decking around kids and student buildings

Urgent Church Expansion Project Designs

We are so excited to prepare to expand our church community through these projects. Our hope is that these designs would inspire you to further invest in what God is doing at Urgent and the harvest that we are experiencing as a community.

Check Out Phase 1

We have begun the process of remodeling our building and we are providing a phase 1 budget for the things that we are beginning to do first! It is exciting to see a project come to life and we want you to be encouraged to be apart of it!

Urgent Church Expansion Walk Through

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